How The Snowman Came Back to Life

30 dec '12

Channel 4 documentary directed by Liz Unna and produced by Rare Day.

"The Snowman is one of the most watched and loved British animation films of all time. Appealing to children and parents alike it has become one of the main fixtures in the Christmas schedules.

Yet Raymond Briggs, the unique and distinctive man behind The Snowman phenomenon, is not a figure in the public eye.

In this one-off documentary, the reclusive Briggs gives viewers a glimpse in to his world, with visits to the author in his Sussex home as well as the animation studios where a small army of people worked to produce the new film, The Snowman and The Snowdog.

Briggs reveals the sources of his inspiration, describing what shaped his career, and discusses the legacy of creating a national treasure. Additionally, figures from the literary world, such as Quentin Blake, Posy Simmonds and Steve Bell, share their thoughts on how Briggs became a pioneer in the world of graphic books."